Blogger Book Fair: Seven of Wind by Pipit Di


Today as part of the Blogger Book Fair, I’m pleased to introduce you to Pipit Di and her Seven of Wind series.

Pipit lives in Indonesia where she works in the financial industry. Her hobbies include watching movies, reading books, and writing. She also volunteers as a teacher in her hometown, working out of her parents’ home. Ten years ago, she got the idea for the Seven of Wind trilogy and has been working on the books for the last three years. Book One, The Time Machine, is available in an English edition. She followed this with Book Two: Gurn and Eartixo, and she is currently working on the third volume in the trilogy.

The trilogy is a blend of science fiction and romance. As Pipit says on her website, “Do not look for flying cars here.” She’s not going for the sensational, but for something bigger.

You can read more about the Seven of Wind Trilogy here and download a sample.



You can also learn more about Pipit at her website. I hope you’ll drop in and visit.


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