Free Ace Stubble Novellas Dead Man’s Hand & Unfinished Business


As the week comes to a close, I’m offering both of my Ace Stubble novellas for free on Amazon. Ace is a lawyer who specializes in helping the undead and disembodied with their legal problems. Werewolves, zombies, ghosts…just because they’re dead or undead or not quite normal, they still get themselves into situations where a little legal help is needed, and Ace Stubble is the man for the job.

In Dead Man’s Hand, Ace takes on a job for a hacker friend who’s come into possession of a dead man’s hand. She hopes to use it as a bargaining chip as she negotiates with the city’s mobsters–conjoined twins Clancy and Yancy Grommet. Ace figures all he needs to do is call in a few favors, but a vanload of missing zombies makes things a bit more complicated.

In Unfinished Business, a ghost hires Ace to kick her descendents out of the house where she’s been spending her afterlife. It seems easy enough–until Ace meets the descendents: the beautiful Elaine Dodge and her savvy daughter, Andy. Soon, Ace doesn’t know whether to stay loyal to the ghost who hired him or the women he’s supposed to evict. But there’s  trouble brewing in the house, trouble more dangerous than anything Ace has encountered before, and it’s growing.

Sound like your kind of thing? You can download Dead Man’s Hand here and Unfinished Business here. Both are available in a single paperback edition as well.


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