Free Book Week Continues with Take Back Tomorrow

Take Back Tomorrow Cover

For a couple more days, I’m continuing to celebrate the release of my paranormal fantasy Unfinished Business by offering another free book on Amazon. Today it’s Take Back Tomorrow, a time travel novel set in 1940 that follows the adventures of hack science fiction writer Eddie Royce as he discovers the secret behind the phenomenal success of the most popular science fiction writer of the era.

Here’s a sampling of some reviews:

“Raymond Chandler meets Robert Heinlein in this fun and inventive crossover SF novel from Richard Levesque. Along the way you’ll learn about early SF magazines, enjoy a new and vividly described time-travel technique, and laugh along as Levesque plays with staples of both Noir and Early-SF genres.”

“This book is a gem. A period piece set in 1940. It has so much going on – intrigue, romance, time travel.”

“Hardboiled 30’s crime thriller meets time-traveling pulp science-fiction for an original fast paced, page turner. It definitely breaks the cliches with an original take on time travel. . .”

Sound like your kind of thing? Check it out here.


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