Free Book Week Continues with Strictly Analog

sa cover

The week rolls on, and I’m continuing to celebrate the release of my paranormal fantasy Unfinished Business by offering another free book on Amazon. Today it’s Strictly Analog, a dystopian science fiction novel set in the near future. It follows Ted Lomax, a private detective living in a society where nothing is private any longer, as he struggles to save his daughter when she’s accused of murdering her boyfriend–an agent with California’s Secret Police.

Here’s a sampling of some reviews:

“This is an awesome book. It seamlessly blends the classic pulp private dick character of Raymond Chandler and the darkly humorous science fiction of Philip K. Dick into a wonderful read.”

“I really enjoyed reading “Strictly Analog”. It’s a story that should appeal to fans of early Gibson or Sterling. And now that our world is much closer to the cyberpunk vision of tomorrow that was forecast decades ago, the story should appeal to contemporary detective fiction fans too.”

“Strictly Analog really worked for me. The gritty, corporate dystopia had a bit of a Snowcrash feel to it, and the world is painted in stark, black strokes. From the Midwest dotted with slave labor factories that build goods for a wealthy China, to decaying libraries that double as homeless shelters, this is a scary, dangerous world.”

Sound like your kind of thing? Check it out here.


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