The Boy, the Bug, and the Marked Man

My short story “The Boy, the Bug, and the Marked Man” is now available in the Winter 2013 issue of The Colored Lens, an online magazine devoted to examining “the real world through the lens of the imaginary.”

The story has a steampunk feel to it, or maybe more accurately decopunk or dieselpunk. Whatever. It’s hard to keep all the punks straight without a program.

At any rate, the story follows a boy (the one in the title) as he works at pulling a con in a crowded dirigible station. By the story’s end, quite a lot more is revealed about the boy, and he learns things about himself that he hasn’t really given himself the chance to think about before.

I think it’s a fun story. I’d be glad to get some feedback on it.

You can also read an earlier story I had in a previous issue here.



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